Sarasota Fiction Writers 2021 Short Story Competition

1st prize “Easter at Tintagel Castle” Pamela Mones: “Easter at Tintagel Castle”
Pamela Mones is an award-winning journalist, and editor, who worked at Chesapeake Publishing Corp. in Maryland for more than a decade. Now retired, she writes adult fiction and children’s stories. Her two indie-published children’s books, Lavender Bear Goes to the Circus, and, Lavender Bear Goes to the Beach, are currently available on Amazon. Her debut novel, A Deadly Mermaid Fetish, is currently under contract. She lives in Sarasota with her husband.

Where did the story come from?
Years ago, I bought a book called Masquerade by Kit Williams. Completely intrigued by the story of the Moon falling in love with the Sun, a hidden jewel (true story) crafted by the author who then buried it somewhere in Britain, my love of bunnies, fascination with the Arthurian legend, the allure of treasure hunts, fondness for Cornwall, and my affinity for children’s adventures and mystery, I combined all those things, chose Easter as the holiday, and Tintagel Castle as the location and, there you have it.

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