A group of writers, illustrators, publishers and editors that have come together to network and offer help and services to one another.



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General MeetingsSpeaker Cute, Funny, Fun – Angelina Assanti, Fruitville Public Library, Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 1:00-3:00 pm

ABC-Books, Inc. is holding a Bring & Buy Sale at our September general meeting as part of the upcoming Giving Challenge, sponsored by the Sarasota Community Foundation.

Bring items of interest to writers & artists; items that you no longer need: Display Stands / Book Ends, Old Reference Books with useful articles How-To Books for writers, Small pieces of Art / How-To Books for artists.

The profits will go to the Venice Presbyterian Church 825 The Rialto in Venice.


If you are serious about your writing, join ABC-Books Inc. Visit the ABC facebook and newsletter for news items. 

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2020-2021 Officers

  •  President – Brenda M Spalding
  •  Vice President – Nancy Tancey Buscher 
  •  Secretary – Stanley Kuren
  •  Treasurer – RJ Coons

Standing Committees

  • A Parkers – Penell 
  • Events –  Brenda M. Spalding
  • Membership – Robert J Coons
  • Newsletter/Historian – Nancy Tancey Buscher
  • Speakers – Nancy Tancey Buscher
  • Website – Jeanelle Havlin